Russian Baby Names

Searching for Russian baby names? Here is a selection of baby names with meanings to help you in your search for the perfect baby name.

Russian Names

Bohdana – from god
Boris – fight, battler
Cyzarine – royalty
Fayina – free one
Galina – light
Gavrie – man of God
Ivan – Form of John
Jelena – shining light
Kisa – kitty
Kiska – pure
Lacey – Cheerful One
Larissa – name of a city, mythical woman; cheerful one
Marina – sea maiden
Nika – born on Sunday
Oksana – glory be to God
Olga – holy
Sacha – helper and defender of mankind
Sashenka – defender and helper of mankind
Sonia – wisdom
Svetlana – star
Tanya – fairy princess
Ustin – Form of Justin
Vania – God’s gift
Vanya – gracious gift of God
Yakov – the supplanter, held by the heel
Yalena – Form of Helen
Yerik – appointed by God
Yeva – live-giving
Zasha – Form of Sasha
Zilya – Form of Theresa