Scottish Names

List of Scottish names to help you when naming your precious baby. Baby names with meanings listed below.

Scottish Baby Names

Ainsley – my meadow
Akira – anchor
Alastair – protector of mankind, defender, helper
Athol – place name
Baird – minstrel
Bairn – child
Bonnie – sweet and good
Camden – from the winding valley
Chalmers – son of the lord
Dallas – place name, wise
Davis – David’s son
Douglas – from the dark water
Finlay – fair heroe, sunbeam
Grear – watchful
Ian – Form of John
Irvin, Irving – Handsome
Janet – Variant of Jane
Kenneth – handsome; born of fire; royal oath
Kyla, Kyle – Lovely
Laird lord, landed – gentry
Leith – wide river
Lennox – amid the lems, from the field of elm trees
Leslie – dweller in the gray castle; small meadow
Logan – little hollow
Mac – son of
Macauley – Righteous
Maisie – child of light
Malcolm – Royal Blood
Malcom – disciple of Saint Columbia
Minna – love; mother; bitterness
Monroe – mouth of the Roe River; wheelwright
Murdock – victorious at sea
Nairne – from the narrow river glade
Ogilvy – from the high peak
Ross – from the peninsula; horse
Tavis – twin
Vanora – white wave