Chinese Baby Names

Below we have a list of Chinese names to help you with naming your baby. Chinese baby names and meanings are listed beside each name.

Chinese Names and Meaning

An – Chinese: Peace. Vietnamese: Safety
Bo -Old Norse: A householder. Chinese: Precious
Chan – A Chinese clan name
Chen – Great or vast
Chung – The wise one
Chow – Summer
Guan-yin -The goddess of mercy
Ho – Goodness
Hua – A flower
Hsin – After an ancient dynasty
Jin – Chinese: Golden. Korean: A jewel
Jun – The truth
Li – Strength
Lian – A graceful willow
Liane – Bond, willow
Lien – A lotus
Manchu – Pure
Mee – Beautiful
Ming – After a dynasty
Qing – Blue
Quon – Bright
Shen – A deep thinker
Sun – Chinese: Bending, or decreasing. Korean: Goodness
Tao – Long life
Ushi – Ox
Wang – Kingly
Wen – Cultured, or ornamental
Xiang – Fragrant
Xin – Beautiful
Yuan – The original
Zan – Praise