Baby Names and Meanings

Children often feel special if their name represents a good character trait. When thinking about a baby name, please note that children are likely to be teased at some point in their childhood because of a name's meaning.

When selecting a middle name, be sure to say it out loud to make sure it goes with the first.

It is best to think of rhyming names that might be embarrassing as well. This can be just as important as a name's meaning.

We've put together several lists of baby names organized by origin and then by meaning to help you select the perfect name for your precious baby.

Top 10 Names

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Jacob - supplanter or heel
Ethan - strong, firm, constant
Michael - like God
Jayden - thankful
William - protector
Alexander - defender, or helper of mankind
Noah - comforter, wanderer
Daniel - God is my judge
Aiden - fire, born with fire
Anthony - praiseworthy


baby girl names Isabella - pledge to God
Sophia - wisdom
Emma - embracing all
Olivia - olive tree
Ava - life
Emily - rival, laborious, eager
Abigail - father's joy, source of joy
Madison - son of a mighty warrior; son of Maud
Chloe - blooming
Mia - mine

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