Italian Names and Baby Name Meanings

If you are looking for a list of Italian names or baby names, we have put together a nice list from which to choose. You will see the meaning directly beside the name below:

Italian Names and Meanings

Andria – love, joy
Bambi – child
Belinda – beautiful snake
Belladonna – beautiful woman
Bianca – white
Caprice – fanciful, unpredictable
Carlotta – Form of Charlotte
Dante – lasting
Delanna – soft as wool
Donata – gift from god
Donna – lady
Esta – from the east
Farfalla – butterfly
Fiorenza – flower
Giacinta – hyacinth
Gianina – god is gracious
Giovanni – Form of John
Mariabella – my beautiful Mary
Mario, Marius – Form of Marius
Mia – mine
Napoleon – lion of the woods; from the city of Naples
Neroli – orange blossom
Nino – God is gracious
Pancrazio – supreme ruler, all powerful
Prima – first one
Primo – first one
Quorra – heart
Rocco – rest
Romana – from Rome
Romeo – pilgrim to Rome
Rosalia – Melody
Rose, Rosalie – Rose
Santo – a saint
Sidonia – from Sidonia
Sienna – reddish brown
Taddeo – courageous, one who praises
Tancredo – of thoughtful counsel
Tessa – countess
Trilby – one who sings musical thrills
Uberto – Form of Hubert
Ugo – Bright in mind and spirit
Venetia – from Venice
Venitia – Mercy
Zanebono – the good one
Zanipolo – little gift of God
Zola – ball of earth